Matthew Liebler was born in 1999.  At the age of 13, he began to experiment with drawing.  By the time he had reached high school, he had begun pursuing his passion in art.  For the first couple of years, he was completely self-taught.  Around the year 2014 he began private tutoring in drawing and painting from an East Aurora Art Society member.  These private lessons, which took place several times monthly, helped Matthew fine tune his drawing skills, while becoming proficient in new media, including watercolor, which remains his favorite medium to date.


Educated at Genesee Community College, Matthew received his associates degree in Digital Art in 2020.  During his time in college he was the very first student to have a solo art show on campus, exhibiting more than 20 original pieces.  Also, in the Fall of 2019 he had a solo show at Buffalo Big Print in downtown Buffalo.  This exhibit was in the heart of Allentown and was a prominent display of about 20 pieces of original work.  Since 2017, Matthew has displayed and sold his own high-quality prints, completed numerous commissions, and been involved in a number of group exhibitions.  His work has also received several awards on both local and collegiate levels.


Matthew is the owner/operator of his own business: Mattsterpieces, which specializes in fine art, digital art, and graphic design.  Mattsterpieces combines Matthew’s passion for drawing and painting with his knowledge gained in college, applying it to business in the form of fine art, digital art, graphic design, framing, and commissions. 

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