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Whether we know it or not, we all have a desire to seek what is beautiful, to chase what is compelling, and to explore what is in our minds that we do not understand.  We take in what we view daily, all without really seeing, or appreciating it.  There is apathy in the world, and on many people’s hearts.   

People need striking examples to break this apathy, and that is what I wish to be.  My work is a representation of how I see and interpret the world, with all its joy, pain, beauty, and suffering.  These hours I spend in pursuit of my passion are for more than just a pretty picture, but a lens of perspective, emotion, and the essence of beauty within life.  This is an essence we so often miss, and my work is a challenge to the viewer to take time to see it within life.


My use of color theory and value can range from the archaic black and white of my graphite drawings, to the vivid spaces of color in my paintings.  It is specific to the tone of the piece, but it is all to show an essence of desire hidden within.  From soft, non-figurative flows of watercolor, to the hard, dark shadows of graphite, I create what I know, and that what I wish for the viewer to ponder.  Originally, I used to only interpret what I see through the single lens of realism, but now, in addition to the realistic style, I add more meaning to what I draw and paint.  These marks on paper come from what is on my mind, and they are fueled by my desire to find meaning.

I do not desire that my works be famous to the world, but rather that they stick in the minds of whoever sees it so as to lead them to a more full and beautiful life.  I am dedicated to promote the good, and that which is, in essence, beautiful.  

“The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit.”

Saint John Paul II


Matthew Liebler