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Artist’s Statement

           I have always striven to create beauty.  I desire my artwork to be beautiful, compelling, challenging, and mesmerizing.  I thoroughly love portraying the beauty of a person through a portrait, or that of a landscape or animals in still lifes and nature scenes.  I want people to see in my work the beauty of themselves, that of others, and that in the world. 

            Captured the essence of beauty is difficult.  One misplaced line, one shade that doesn’t fit, and something is wrong.  To attain the essence of a person, place, or thing takes practice, hours of work, and I have yet to perfect it. 

            My works represented on this site are my attempts to attain the essence.  To create a tone with the use of graphite and colored pencils.  To send a message with the use of color, figures, and subjects.  Ultimately, I wish to draw and paint what is beautiful. 

            Practice makes perfect, no challenge is too great to overcome.


~ Matthew Liebler