Sick of It

Matthew Liebler



14x17 inches

“When every thing you do

Don’t seem to matter

You try but it’s no use

Your world is getting blacker.


When every time you fail

Has no answer

Every empty promise made

Is a reminder.” *


Each and every one of us carry the scars of life on our backs, minds, and hearts.  Our experiences and struggles have had a profound effect on shaping who we are, and we hold on to feelings and regrets that would seemingly leave us without purpose if we were to let them go.  We have been to desolate places in our hearts and minds that take effort to move out of.  Why hold on to the things that way us down?  What purpose do the hurts serve in our lives?  Will we grow from them, or wallow in them?  Does holding on to the things of the world, or the regrets in our hearts really make us strong?  


“Are you sick of it?

Raise your hands, get rid of it

While there’s a fighting chance

Are you over it?

Bored to death?

Have you had enough regret?

Take a stand, raise your hands

If you’re sick of it!” *


The figure in the artwork Sick of It bears the scars of life, and stands waist deep in darkness.  The hurts have left their mark and speak subtle volumes.  The figure is not stagnant, but looks up to a blank and bright future, which may hold any number of bad things, but most certainly holds hope.  He raises his hand, not in anger or hatred, but with humility, releasing that which binds the heart and mind upwards toward heaven. 


“No one can make this better

Take control, it’s now or never!” *


Rise up, and let go of the hurt that holds you down.  Have the courage to let your insecurities fly away and not fester in the dark.  No matter the hurts or the scars, raise your hands in hope…it’s now or never!


“Everybody here has something that they are sick of!   Maybe its loneliness, depression, abuse, or addiction! So whatever you are sick of, put it up in your hands right now!  We’re gonna let it go together tonight!  Raise your hands if you’re sick, if you’re sick of it!” **



* Lyrics from "Sick of It," by Skillet; from the album Rise (2013)

** Quote from John Cooper, lead singer for Skillet; from a live performance


Sick of It Official Music Video