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Matthew Liebler



12x16 inches


There have been numerous nights, when I have looked up into the clear sky at the millions of pinpoints of lights and thought, "I want to paint those."  And I never had attempted i tuntil earlier this year.

Using some brand new paint and some artist's gouache, I was finally able to paint a stylized version of the night sky.  It varies from what I usually do by being stylized, and I am very pleased with the results.  

Very often we have our heads down, preoccupied by the stresses of life, and we forget to look up at the beauty that surrounds us, night or day.  Each of us should strive to appreciate the beauty in the world that is here for us to enjoy!  Lets keep our heads up and shoot for the stars!

"Look at the stars, instead of the dark."

~Happy Feet 2